“Faprathan Farm” 
Learning center for sustainable agricultural development. To inspire That makes so many things happen at the green. 
Learning Center for Sustainable Agricultural Development – an inspiration that has inspired so many things at Wangnamkeaw. Ms. Luckana Naviroj was a pioneer of conservation agriculture concept with Dr. Anan Dalodom, President of the Horticultural Science Society of Thailand as a consultant have agreed that a pilot project and experiment should be made in order to achieve a learning that can lead to an agricultural innovation for agriculturist without a risk in term of an operation in a form of “Learning Center”.

“Faprathan Farm” name was given by a successful business woman in Thailand who Ms. Luckana truly respects and admires. After she visited and perceived a change made to this piece of land as if it was “Faprathan”. This was a background of “Faprathan Farm” which still have many more of “Faprathan” stories.

“Faprathan Farm” sustainable agricultural development learning center offers an opportunity to people of many status and careers to show their capabilities in term of knowledge and creativity to work together with passion, unity, determination, diligent, and Patient. Most importantly “Faprathan Project” has taught us to learn to manage from experiences both advantages and disadvantages, which will benefit those who participate in learning, especially agriculturists who will utilize them in their career in the long term

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