“Faprathan Farm”
Learning Center for Sustainable Agricultural Development.

         Since the beginning of 1989, the area was used for growing corns and used as the animal food but later on it has been wanted to change the land usage to be conservative agriculture without knowing which plant to be replaced as a substitution. On the 12th April 2009, there was a visit for area inspection at Wangnamkeaw District, Nakorn Ratchasima. It was amazing to discover that even if it was a sunny at midday, it didn’t feel hot at all because it was windy throughout the day. After we got there and could see a clear view, we discovered the breath-taking view of the area. It is the inclining area with lowland embracing with mountains, hillock, which has the similar geography as the rural area in Western and Eastern Europe.

         From the study of geographic, and history, it’s been discovered that the area in Wangnamkeaw is mountain range mixes with inclining area with and ridges in invert pan shape with the height above the sea level of 300 - 700 meters but there is some parts of Udomsab sub district that is the lowland with similar weather. Wangnamkeaw sub district is suitable for growing any plants but with good quality such as agriculture plants such as cassava corn for animal feeds, sugarcane. For fruit tree such as monkey apple, grape, mango, lychee, longan. For farm plant, it’s suitable for winter farm plant such as lettuce, green oak, red oak, cos, butterhead, red coral, Iceberg Lettuce as well as tropical farm plants such as Chinese kale, chilli, tomato, mirliton, cowpea, etc. For flowering plant, it consists of orchid especially Cattleya, Chrysanthemums, Spadix, rose, including winter flowering plant such as petunia, begonia, sulvia, Hydenyia and one of the vegetables that has made Wangnamkeaw become famous is mushrooms both locally and imported ones.

         Therefore, to achieve the change made to the concept of agricultural project, we have decided to conduct a pilot project. For an auspicious, according to the belief and respect to the environment, we suppose we should name the area as the pilot project and experiment for better change without causing any mistake for the agriculturist in the future with sustainable agriculture.

         “Faprathan” name was given by one of the most successful business person who is also the owner of many businesses in Thailand and well accepted. After she has visited and explored the area, climate in Wangnamkeaw, realized about the area using for coffee farm together with many other projects, it’s surprisingly perfect combinations. When Khun Luckana has asked for advices on the name of this particular agricultural area, she immediately suggested “Faprathan” which is certainly an auspicious and fits the characteristics of the beginning of Wangnamkeaw coffee and several coming nice stories.

         The beginning of the projects under “Faprathan Farm”, Learning Center for Sustainable Agricultural Development has been started since May 2012 and has continued in the past 2 years and will always be registered as the history forever


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