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     Wangnamkeaw district is surrounded by high mountain range. The inside area are both hillock and inclining area with ridges in invert pan shape with the height above the sea level of 300 - 700 meters which makes a beautiful scenery with chill climate almost throughout the year and in the morning and evening, the area will be covered with foggy which fits perfectly with the motto of Wangnamkeaw “Wangnamkeaw the city of winter, river, wind, sand, sun, sea of mist, horizons” 

Average winter temperature is in the range of 16 - 25 degrees Celsius and in the summer temperature is around 32 degrees Celsius with heavy rain with average rainfall of 1000-1300 mm per year. With the kind of Climate, it’s suitable for almost all types of crops, field crops, fruit trees, ornamental plants, vegetables and mushrooms. Moreover, it also can be grown best in both tropical and winter plants. In term of coffee farm, its quality, taste, color, it is not as popular even though it can be grown well but there are not many interest to grow. But with the available resource and climate it can grow just about anything

Growing coffee in Wangnamkeaw has been found but not as widespread. From those who grows coffee, it has been mentioned that coffee can be grown with a nice yield but has no exact evidence on this, plus there has never been that much of interest to grow it in the area. Even though the area are both hillock and inclining area with ridges, and nice climate covered with foggy, dew in the morning and evening. With the geography and climate, it is suitable to grow quality and aromatic coffee, especially growing it with perennial plant in the same area or in a forest, which can be very well used as shelter for the coffee grown.


     Faprathan Learning center for sustainable agricultural development has experimented growing Arabica coffee which brought it from the Horticultural Research and Development of Muser, Tak and Horticultural Research and Development of Wawee, Chiangrai have been brought to grow for the first time on the 1st May 2010 on 70 Rai space. Robusta coffee which has got from Horticultural Research and Development in Chum Porn in cooperation with Nestlé (Thai) Ltd. was first grown on 15th September 2010 on 53 Rai land in order to compare the growth, yield, per coffee, size of coffee bean in order to expand the coffee farm area in the future. The study and analysis of those Arabica coffee grown on the 1st May 2010, it turned out that in less than a year by February 2011, there has been some coffee that can be harvested since March 2011 in 53 Rai and can be harvested from September 2011 until October 2011. Harvested coffee bean is quite big and also has already been passed the quality control ( Cup Test ). The taste and flavor is quite aromatic and should be accepted in the market. Later on there has been another harvest in mid 2012 for the Cup Test and the taste and aroma remain the same as the previous harvests.

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     From the study and analysis on Robusta coffee, it was harvested in late 2012 has revealed that Cup Test is actually has less2 aromatic than Arabica while the concentration level is almost the same or possibly higher than Robusta that has been planted in the provinces in the south of Thailand. Nowadays, coffees available in Wangnamkeaw are both Arabica and Robusta. This area is actually the first area to grow both Arabica and Robusta in the same planting area in Thailand. The reason to grown them both is to blend them to be ready to drink coffee in the same coffee source. Besides the 120 Rai of coffee farm, there are some more interest from people and agriculturists in Wangnamkeaw who also grew 70,000 more coffee plants in 150 Rai. In 2013 – 2014, Faprathan Farm has expanded the area to grow Arabica in an additional space of 70 Rai and 50 Rai of Robusta. This makes a total of 120 Rai and aiming to make it become total of 500 Rai.
In 2014 – 2017, Wangnamkeaw coffee farm under Faprathan Farm and supervision of Khun Adul Mulkunee, former agricultural government officer who specialize in coffee planting at Muser, Tak and Pak song, Jumpasak.

15 September 2013 (Greenery Coffee Ozone: WNK) 
(Arabica + Robusta) 

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