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     Happy Hens Chicken egg Wangnamkeaw is a quality chicken egg from happen hens. The origin of “Faprathan Farm” chicken egg is beyond the policy and concept of Ms. Luckana Naviroj that wants to utilize the area of Wangnamkeaw, which has the suitable geography and climate for any kind of plants. By chance we ran into the family who used to work in chicken farm at Betagro and now work for a private company in Wangnamkeaw. It is Rorsungnern family with Khun mana ( father ), Khun Nooch ( mother ), Khun Pee ( son ). After talking to Khun Mana and his family who simply would like to have a happy hens farm happily both for themselves as for the consumers. With that being said, the happy hens project has been established and recorded on the 12 June 2012.


Chicken Egg "Faprathan"

      Project was established because the 3 influential persons met with the 3 subordinators at Wangnamkeaw, while there was one of natural disasters in Bangkok. From that coincidence, the Faprathan Chicken Farm has begun even though the main objective of the Learning Center is on coffee, rubber, hydroponics farms and organic crop. Making profits from chicken farm can be a real challenge, except that you do it because of passion and doesn’t over focus on the profit. Sticking to the brand of egg means nothing without considering about how the hens have been brought and lived in any kind of environment or have been torturing for giving eggs. We really want the consumer to realize if that’s the case, will they still be happy to consume them without any sympathy. From the record of 3 million hens of chicken farms in Thailand, only 1,000 hens are lucky enough to be in Faprathan Farm, which means they get to live happily in the natural environment with the place with the 7th highest ozone in the world only in Wangnamkeaw, have organic foods, live in clean environment, listen to the music and sermon with good care. That’s why we have the high quality eggs and we hope when we care for them it will also result in their next life with happiness and many more.


     Faprathan Farm Chicken housing has been created in Jan 2012 and has brought in 1,200 hens to the fam on the 10thMarch 2012. With our management, these hens will live in the natural atmosphere, getting their food and enjoy living there and exercise in the natural ways. They get to cover their eggs with the mother instinct.

    “Faprathan Farm” is the Learning Center for Sustainable Agricultural Development. By its name is clearly identified its objective. Chicken eggs farm is both learning center and experiment. Having been included as one of the projects it gives the sense of dependence with one another. For example, we also give those hens some of the unchosen vegetable parts as a food. What we have learned from this was that the egg size became bigger, shining egg shells, healthy and fresh hens, good excretory system which results in clean eggs. Last thing to consider about is to look for the appropriate food and hydroponic vegetable.

Main elements of our chicken eggs:

•    Good food  Specifically feed with high protein not growth substances, so that eggs is naturally yellow and its white egg is like gelatin, plus some vegetable as a supplementary food. 

•     Nice weather  Wangnamkeaw is the area with the 7th highest Ozone amount in the world and hens will also benefits the hens to make them feel fresh and healthy.

•     Happy hens are brought up in free range with plenty of space and enjoy the classical music and religion

•    Healthy  
Hens are healthy from food, weather, mood, which results in quality eggs in Eggie Ozone.


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