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           Wangnamkeaw Flora Fantasia :  amazing art, Land of Happiness has been opened to public since December 2010 and continued to opened the park on traveling season every year under the motto “Wangnamkeaw the city of winter, river, wind, sand, sun, sea of mist, horizons " 

Sunflower is near parking B on Flora park.

          For this year, Flora Park has been opened since November 2013 – March 2013 for 5 months, which is longer than average. This is because Flora Park is now semi – permanent park with several auspicious plants such as Pink cassia, Cassia grandis, Cassia fistula, Spathodea campanulata that have been flourishing to greet the visitors throughout the year. For an empty space, it has been blended with gardening since 2010 – 2012 with new idea and concept as another element in Flora Park. In the front, 2 of 15 meter height fountain has been built in the pool with sizing of 20 meter by 10 meter long together with rose farm behind the fountains as the photo landmark in front of Coffee Ozone and D-Spot.
You can find many different zones in the Flora Park as followings:
        ZONE 1   is approximately half of the area of Flora Park consists of auspicious plants such as Pink cassia, Cassia grandis, Cassia fistula and winter plants such as geranium, Salvia, Gazania, zinnia, petunia, begonia and the major element is Rose Zone or rose labyrinth and flower plants with over 20 varieties including rose garden which has many different rose varieties approximately 4,000 roses. Moreover, there is Garden Center that is divided in to orchid section, flowering plant section as an exhibition and for sale, roses and the gardening equipment and specialist who is interested in learning about it.

          ZONE 2   is the inclining area located next to the flower seedling nursery Learning Center “Flora Park” for sustainable agricultural development, consists of more than 400 auspicious plants, green grasses covering an area of 1,500 square meters approximately, 200 meters long including some with flowering plants. The tourists can visit the area by taking the shuttle bus service provided. 


          ZONE 3 is arranged as an area for the Tower for tourists to use as the view point purpose. Tourists can simply relax and admire the atmosphere and view the landscape of Flora Park and the surrounding area of Wangnamkeaw.


          ZONE 4   is the 90 meter long bamboo tunnel using for growing gourd plants such as Snake Gourd which covers the tunnel both upper part and sides. Area inside the tunnel is used to grow New Guinea. The rack of the tunnel is covered with 75 meter long Chinese rose.


          ZONE 5   brought in an idea of Vertical Garden that has been done in 2010 but is one meter shorter. There are 3 types of colorful flowers grown in 6-inch flowerpot are petunia, begonia, and Caleus of 100,000 flowerpots surrounding this square piece of land with amazingly beautiful rose fences.

          ZONE 6   is an paintbrush hillock area used to grow Climbing Rose and created to be structure of English Garden style. The zone is called Rose Hill


z2_07 z2_07


          ZONE 7  this plateau is created in 8-petal shape used to grow winter flower such as Petunia, Salvia, Zinnia, French marigold, Catharanthus roseus, which will creatively paint the area in many different color.


          ZONE 8   is area of ​​the globe the bamboo sculpture (BAMBOO ART) and on the slope in front of the Globe is a butterfly who had organized in 2010, it was presented again. The butterflies are decorated with flowers Begonia. And petunia flowers the area around the butterfly and flowers streaked with red salvia and purple.


          To offer an opportunity to the visitors to purchase OTOP products and agricultural products grown in Wangnamkeaw both processing and fresh products such as grapes, jujube, mango, organic vegetables, eggs from Faprathan Farm, Flora Park has arranged a market place for these products including orchid, flowering and ornamental plants both in front park and tower that can be purchased at affordable prices.
          Re embracing Wangnamkeaw in 2013 is an invitation to the tourists to revisit the Flora Park and admire the beauty of the beautiful flower gardens with the science and art of floriculture with style and perfect blending of Asia and Europe gardening which all are included in the Flora Park. 
In 2010 Wangnamkeaw Flora Fantasia – amazing art, Land of Happiness

In 2011 Wangnamkeaw Flora Park returns to embrace Wangnamkeaw 

In 2012 Flora Park with flourish flowers in Wangnamkeaw with stunningly beautiful Garden

In 2013 Flora Park Land of Happiness returns to embrace Wangnamkeaw 

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