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Wangnamkeaw district is surrounded by high mountain range. The inside area are both hillock and inclining area with ridges in invert pan shape with the height above the sea level of 300 - 700 meters which makes a beautiful scenery with chill climate almost throughout the year and in the morning and evening, the area will be covered with foggy which fits perfectly with the motto of Wangnamkeaw “Wangnamkeaw the city of winter, river, wind, sand, sun, sea of mist, horizons"

      Average winter temperature is in the range of 16 - 25 degrees celsius, in the summer temperature is around 32 degrees Celsius with heavy rain with average rainfall of 1000-1300 mm per year. With the kind of climate, it’s suitable for almost all types of crops, field crops, fruit trees, ornamental plants, vegetables and mushrooms. Moreover, it also can be grown in tropical and winter plants. Especially the winter flowers and crop possess the quality of taste and color

Wangnamkeaw district is surrounded by mountain range
      On the 2nd August 2012, Khun Luckana Naviroj has travelled to meet Dr. Jeera Duangpattra at Jeera Rose Nursery, Samerng, Chiangmai for an advice and check on possibility of planting roses in Flora Park in Wangnamkeaw. On the 15thAugust 2012, Dr. Jeera has paid a visit to survey a possibility of growing roses in Wangnamkeaw, Nakorn Ratchasima and mentioned that “it is perfectly fine here for all combinations of soil, water, climate and even better than Chiangmai. If I can make it becomes succeed before I die, it would be great“ The guy who has been working through all the obstacles and full of exhaustion but finally found a place to contribute on his 60 years knowledge and expertise at Flora Park. In cooperation of leading business career persons such as Khun Luckana Naviroj together with the Agricultural specialist full of experience and determination, Dr. Anan Dalodom, and the experience of the world travel, Professor Jeera Duangpatra, Flora Park is now ready to be the learning center for roses innovation of Thailand to develop and lift up the standard to international level in the nearest future.



In September 2012, roses from Jeera “Rose” Nursery have been brought to plant at Flora Park, which includes a number of rose varieties in several types; English Rose over 30 varieties 660 rose plants. Roses over 20 varieties are named after the name of important persons, over 1,040 rose plants, modern rose over 100 varieties 3,200 rose plants including roses planted in September until November 2012, 150 varieties 4,900 rose plants. With all these amount roses, they are all flourishing and colorful ready for visitors to visit the Flora Park in 2012 with the theme “Blossoms in the garden @ Wangnamkeaw” as Khun Luckana Naviroj’s has ever imagined.

At the beginning of 2013, Professor Jeera Duangpatra has delivered 5,000 rose plants including 2,000 rose plants from Pu reau, Loey province to grow in Faprathan Farm as an additional section to Flora Park. An amount of roses will be planted in the housing, and the rest will be used to propagate for sale and distribution.

At present, there are more than 10,000 rose plants over 400 roses varieties have been flourished at the end of 2012 and will be flourished with Wangnamkeaw in 2013, under supervision of Professor Jeera Duanpattra and Khun Saman Hanput, a specialist of flower garden agriculture in Thailand. This can be said that the roses can be compared in term of color and smells to roses grown in Chiangmai and Pu Ruea Loei, or any other area in Thailand.

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