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      Wangnamkeaw district is surrounded by high mountain range. The inside area are both hillock and inclining area with ridges in invert pan shape with the height above the sea level of 300 - 700 meters which makes a beautiful scenery with chill climate almost throughout the year and in the morning and evening, the area will be covered with foggy which fits perfectly with the motto of Wangnamkeaw ““Wangnamkeaw the city of winter, river, wind, sand, sun, sea of mist, horizons”

      Average winter temperature is in the range of 16 - 25 degrees Celsius and in the summer temperature is around 32 degrees Celsius with heavy rain with average rainfall of 1000-1300 mm per year. With the kind of Climate, it’s suitable for almost all types of crops, field crops, fruit trees, ornamental plants, vegetables and mushrooms. Moreover, it also can be grown best in both tropical and winter plants.

      We found that grapes in Wangnamkeaw are grown for fruit consumption (Table Grape) and using them to make wine (Winery grape). Nowadays the type of grapes for consumption is seedless grapes (Black Opal) that is grown in most part of Wangnamkeaw sub districts and at Wang Mhee, Pongtalong, Moo See sub districts, Pak Chong, which are available for sale in the market throughout the year. “Faprathan Farm” has started to grow 600 grapes for the first time on 18 February 2012 in 3 Rai area under the management of Khun Udorn Toapunya (ชาวสวนองุ่นขั้นเทพ) and had the first harvest on the 1st March 2013 and second harvest on the 20th July 2013, which met the market standard criteria on both quantity and quality.

      In 2013, “Faprathan Farm” has expanded the grape farm for 40 Rai. Besides Black Opal, we have experimented to grown more 4 different seedless grapes; Carignan, white malaka, Muscat Blue, Lynchee (LG) to find out and compare that besides Black Opal, is there any other grapes that can be grown well in Wangnamkeaw to expand it in the future by growing them in the 6x20 meter dimension housing for 13 of them, while the rest is grown in the open air area. Moreover, there is 1 Rai organic grape farm which will be harvested in December 2013. 

    Besides the grapes for sale in the market “Faprathan Farm” has produced them into Wangnamkeaw OTOP products such as grape juice, topping, jam, jelly, grape sauce, wafer sandwich, biscuit to value added and build up grapes from WNK Plateau to be in the top of mind and become a source of income for agriculturalists in Wangnamkeaw in the long run.


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