Rubber Ozone

     To build up the quality rubber tree in 6 Rai using RRIM 600 from the research of Suraththaj Thaini first planted on 15thFebruary 2011 and planted rubber tree for 70 Rai on the 12th May 2011

       There is no evidence about growing rubber tree in Thailand but suppose it was grown for the first time during 1899 – 1901. Phraya Rasadanupradit Mahisornpakdee was the deputy of Trang, he has brought rubber tree seeds to plant in Guntang, Trang for the first time. Local people call this Tera Ton Yang. Later on it has been grown in Trang and Narathiwas in 1911 as well as in Chantaburi by Luang Ratchamai in year 1989.

      Later on, there was a project to expand the rubber tree to create income for local people with over 200,000 Rai by Department of Agricultural Extension in 1989 – 1991 with additional of 1 million Rai of the north and northeast. This is how the rubber plant farming has been spread out to other of Thailand and become No. 1 export product of Thailand in many different forms as well as the furniture with billing of 670,000 million Baht in Year 2011. Faprathan Farm has RRIM 600 rubber to export with interbreeding is sold to farmers and others interested in the Wang Nam Kiew.

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