Veggie Ozone
     Wangnamkeaw district is surrounded by high mountain range. The inside area are both hillock and inclining area with ridges in invert pan shape with the height above the sea level of 300 - 700 meters which makes a beautiful scenery with chill climate almost throughout the year and in the morning and evening, the area will be covered with foggy which fits perfectly with the motto of Wangnamkeaw “Wangnamkeaw the city of winter, river, wind, sand, sun, sea of mist, horizons”. 

      Average winter temperature is in the range of 16 - 25 degrees Celsius and in the summer temperature is around 32 degrees Celsius with heavy rain with average rainfall of 1000-1300 mm per year. With the kind of Climate, it’s suitable for almost all types of crops, tropical crop such as sugar cane, cassava, maize, vegetables, mushrooms, fruit, rubber, etc., and winter crops also can be grown, such as grapes, winter flowers and especially winter crops and flowers can be grown best in term of quality and its colors.

The origin of Wangnamkeaw vegetable in Veggie Ozone
       With the geography and climate suitable for planting winter crops throughout the year such as green oak, red oak, butterhead, iceberg lettuce, and chayote, it makes the taste and quality comparable to vegetable grown in the north of Thailand or imported vegetable. Faprathan Learning Center for Sustainable Agricultural Development goes on planting those vegetable and named it as “Veggie Ozone” using biochemical fertilizer mixed with milk in order to sell and distribute them in the market demand quality that is chemical free. This has been certified on the standard of GAP and developed to plant organic vegetable.

Veggie Ozone Descriptions

Veggie Ozone planting has the concept and guideline as followings:

1. Most vegetable grown in Veggie Ozone are salad vegetables such as Green Oak, Red Oak, Red Coral, Butterhead, Iceberg Lettuce, which are the vegetables that suits with the geography and climate of Wangnamkeaw, plus the local vegetables that already has the market for.

2. The source of seed – we only select the seeds from the quality source, such as seeds from Mae Joe University, Chiangmai which is guaranteed by the group of agriculturist who grow Hydroponic vegetable, or seeds from the famous and trustful manufacturer and distributors that are certified by Department of Agriculture.

3. The main factor is to only use manure and biological fertilizers, and soil adjustment substance from  Land Development Department and biochemical pesticide.

4. For horticulture, it will be done at the housing of Faprathan Learning Center by using high quality horticulture materials with safety, and then will be moved to the crops as per scheduling. For the crops, there are both crop inside and outside the housing which have the circulation base on the theory in order to prevent the propagation of insects, starting from soil preparation, condition adjustment , fertilizing, and harvesting base on the timeline scheduled.

5. For those vegetable harvested as per the schedule, they will be moved to the Packing House in the same area of the crop. Those vegetable with less quality will be removed and used for biochemical fertilizer and those quality vegetable will be packed in the package with  “Veggie Ozone”sticker and distributed to Department Stores in Bangkok and occasionally distributed to some of our clients in Wangnamkeaw such as resorts and restaurants

6. For vegetables distributed to Bangkok, there will be refrigerator cars taking them to distribute to the outlets as per the schedule. This is to make sure that the distributed vegetable remains its freshness and quality.

7. Besides those vegetables available for sale, Faprathan Learning Center for Sustainable Agricultural Development, the source of Veggie Ozone vegetables, it also is an education center to teach on how to plant Hydroponic and organic vegetable and have seedling available for agriculturalists and those who is interested to develop them as their own crops.

An advantage of “Veggie Ozone” is the quality and chemical free vegetable certified by GAP and the Department of Agriculture. This is a definite guarantee that Faprathan Learning Center for sustainable agricultural development must strictly keep it as the criteria to forevermore maintain the standard of the Veggie Ozone from Wangnamkeaw among the consumer.


        The first seed of Fah Pratarn’s Green Field was planted on April 22, 2013.  We had a vision to create a vegetable farm, growing quality produce with Good Agricultural Practice (GAP) standard and productive farm management.  At the moment, we grow four crop types: Iceberg Lettuce, Guang Toong Taiwan, Pak Garn Horm, and Gui Chai.  Our management team has over 30 years experience in growing vegetable and we will continue to innovate the way we manage our farm.  We deliver fresh vegetable every day, rain or shine, with estimated volume of 1500 to 2000 kilograms a day to our value customers.

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